International Photo Exhibition

The entire material civilization of humanity is created by the labor of the workers

We invite you to take part in the international festival «Creator».

We will bring together photos of workers from different countries and show them in our cities. We want to remind the public that all the useful things in the world, the entire material civilization of humanity are created by the workers. We want to show that the borders are not divided by the working people, that the working class is international, that the workers of all countries are in solidarity.

For the exhibition in your country, in your city you need only three things:

1. Take a few photos of the workers at work.
2. When all the posters are ready, print them.
3. Post posters in a room accessible to the public — in a library, college, union office, etc.

If you support the idea, write to Yuri Lobunov, lobunov[at] to get a detailed description of the algorithm for preparing the exhibition.

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