Press release on state registration of the International Eurasian Association of trade unions and their associations

In July this year, the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation registered the «international Eurasian Association of Trade Unions and their Associations» (EAP), under the flag of the Eurasian Office of the WFTU. This is a real breakthrough in the construction of class trade unions in the vast republics of the former Soviet Union, which creates the basis for the formation of a network of groups and organizations United by one center.
This registration is a merit of the leadership of the Union of trade Unions of Russia, which took the brunt of the organizational and legal work to prepare the necessary documents, negotiating with other associations from the republics that participated in the creation of the Association.
The EAP and the Eurasian Office of the WFTU concluded an Agreement on cooperation, thanks to which the Bureau was able to operate as an international organization of free trade unions, which is ready to begin the formation of its representative offices in the countries of the Eurasian Economic Union and other republics of the USSR. These activities will be aimed at consolidating healthy forces in the international trade Union movement, as well as protecting free trade unions and their activists from rampant persecution and persecution in their countries and supporting the formation of new organizations and groups of the international labour movement.
The EAP and the e-A Bureau of the WFTU are now planning to register their new international publication, which will cover the activities of trade unions, workers ‘ and social associations and movements in different parts of Eurasia. The backbone of the new body will be the editorial site of the Infoprof and the Information center of the working movement of the CIS countries, which began its activities since the founding conference of the E-A Bureau of the WFTU in August 2018 in Moscow.
The Eurasian Office, now with new opportunities, will further increase information campaigns of solidarity with workers ‘ activists and trade Union leaders of Ukraine, the Baltic States, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia, Uzbekistan and Tajikistan, as well as organize meetings and field seminars to train new trade Union professionals and develop common areas of activity.
It is important to exchange information on labour legislation, social and pension systems in our countries, judicial practice and the actions of trade unions. This is important against the background of the deteriorating situation of workers, the constant implementation of reforms that reduce the social and labor rights of workers.
The international Eurasian Association of trade unions provides a platform for all who wish to defend the rights of workers, who seek to organize migrant workers in order to include them in the common trade Union family, who want to stop the destruction of enterprises and the social security system. We call on all activists to unite under our auspices to create a United front.
We once again emphasize our internationalism, our commitment to the international working class and the idea of consolidating the workers of the Eurasian Union and all the countries of the USSR.
Together we are strong!
The press service of the EAP
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